about “Bubble Project”

I have found about this project a long back, one of the most interesting communication project. This project uses the medium of advertisement against it, if not against than also you are not forced to just see what they want us to see. You can publicize your own views and mindset by using their very own mediums. It is a tool like web 2.o for our cluttered visual surroundings, you can “Talk Back”.

Find more about Bubble Project http://www.thebubbleproject.com/

” Streets of New York City is filled with ugly and intrusive ads everywhere you look: walls, bus stops, telephone booths, billboards, subway trains, sides of buses, and so on and on. They are visual pollution that negatively affects the quality of lives of New Yorkers. Yet, there are no regulations from the city to control the rampant proliferation of these ads.

I wanted to do something about this problem, so I decided to print 50,000 stickers in the shape of speech-bubble. I have been placing them on top of ads on the streets. They are left blank, inviting passersby to fill them in with their expressions. I photograph and archive the results. The bubble stickers instantly transform the intrusive and dull corporate monologues into a public dialogue.” Ji Lee

Explore more projects by Ji Lee  http://pleaseenjoy.com/personal/


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