Italian influence on street market

When I was a child, there were not many food points in India. Slowly came Chinese food in picture and just like “chunnu de parathe” there were many stalls saying “chuunu de chaomein”. Its been a very popular option than other cousins in India because it was a good and cheap option for vegetarians (veg noodles) also. Recently I have been conducting a research on changing food and cooking methods than I came to know that people have moved from Chinese to Italian. Its easy and quick, kids want it, good option for both vegetarian and non vegetarians, much more cheaper and healthier to have it at home rather and having it outside. That was mostly for mid-high segment so it was understood. But recently I have visited a local street market where I have found Pasta was getting sold with some very very Indian stuff which one can only find in such markets. Globalization is changing everything and influencing even the smallest business chain even if its not very visible today, its going to change our tomorrow.


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