Diwali, a blissful business opportunity

The biggest challenge for very small communities is to meet the mass consumer segments. On everyday life we are moving to malls, trying to buy branded clothes and not stepping out of comfort zone but not on this festive occasion. This festive season brings an energy, its kind out perfect weather and feel to step out in order to connect yourself with your traditions. Suddenly  you can see small  vendors and handmade stuff all around. All kind of local and roadside markets get extended and over crowded. Families were putting effort to sell different items to make more and more money. Kids were selling lights, moms were selling flowers and fathers were selling lamps. The greatest things was that they did not require any shop name, brand value or permanent shop set up for it. People believed them, negotiated and bought the stuff. How many times we do visit such road side markets in order to buy stuff or need that particular kind of stuff? Theses communities are keeping our traditions and customs alive and will see them only on next Diwali or Holi. The value of such market is remarkable and its delightful to experience it.


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