Toyota FV2 Concept Car- a bond between man and machine

Toyota’s vision for the transportation of the future includes a car that can read your emotions and facial expressions, forging a bond between man and machine. Leading up to the Tokyo Motor Show, an annual event beginning Nov. 22, the Japanese firm unveiled its FV2 concept car. Toyota said the car-bike hybrid, which is a three-wheel, one-seat vehicle, “enhances the driving experience by connecting physically and emotionally with the driver, becoming more fun to drive the more it is used.” So how, exactly, does the car forge an emotional connection with its driver? By reading voice and facial expressions, the FV2 can recognize moods and adjust accordingly. For instance, the windshield is equipped with a futuristic display that will change color depending on the driver’s mood. So if road rage is setting in, it will turn red to alert other drivers on the road of the mood shift. The windshield display will also report traffic conditions and safety information.

FV2 windshield display

Since the car’s aim is to be an effective co-pilot, it even logs driving histories to better adapt to the performance of each driver. Even the light display on the windshield serves a dual purpose; Toyota said it isn’t meant to be distracting, but rather aims to help drivers focus, and keep them alert. What’s more, the FV2 even has a new way of steering. Modeled after horseback riding, drivers lean to steer. In fact, the car doesn’t even have a steering wheel or gas and brake pedals. “The driver leans from side to side to steer, and backwards and forwards to accelerate and brake – making for a similar experience to a Segway,” according to Cars Guide.



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