“Dear Data” creative visualization of everyday life

Dear Data is a project where two creative pen pals exchange postcards about their week in form of dat – viz. Its so wonderful to see the various master pieces of a week in subway or a week of things to buy. We all have too much data to deal with and such artistic and simplified approach can really help us making sense of all that data instead of going through it like a machine. Purpose of data viz is to find patterns, narrate things like a story and to remember it the way you perceive it like an art piece and this projects truly solve the purpose. Its a very modern and at the same time very old technique to communicate. Who will not love such informative and hand illustrated lovely post cards in he mail box.

Outcome is interesting but its the process what makes it meaningful. Topic, data gathering, data drawing and process is mentioned in details here .

A week of clocks by Giorgia

Giorgia_DearData_01_Back Giorgia_DearData_01_Front

A week of clocks by Stefanie

Stefanie_DearData_01+front Stefanie_DearData_01+back

A week of mirrors Giorgia

Giorgia_DearData_04_Back Giorgia_DearData_04_Front

A week of mirrors Stefanie

Stefanie_DearData_04+back Stefanie_DearData_04+front

Find all the details about this project here


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